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On 30 Jul 2003, Jay Cox wrote:

>     RECOMMENDATION: gimp should copy (or ln -s?) the system brushes into
>     the users folder when it is launched for the first time.  Single
>     user systems will never miss the meg or two this takes. On
>     multiuser systems the admins can prune the system brush library.

You have a point, I dont much like the proposed solution though.

>     The round brushes shipped with gimp should be editable.
>     RECOMMENDATION:  recreate the round brushes as .vbr brushes.

New file formats to be discussed at Gimp Con [1], but recreating the Round
brushes as standard brushes sounds good.

While we are on brushes I am wondering what kind of information needs to
be stored in a Brush file and why does it need a special file type of its

>     RECOMMENDATION: Move aforementioned script-fu to the bottom the
>                    the main select menu. Do the same with to-pattern
>                  and to-image items?  (Should probably rewrite the
>                  script-fus as native functions) (should the main
>                  select menu be renamed to selection???)

Please dont.
The Select Menu is for making a selection, not manipulating the contents
of a selection.

Once you have made a selection then the contents of a selection is an
Object/Image/Layer and then actions get applied to it, the current image.

>     It requires two key presses (shift and =/+) to zoom-in which is one
>     of the most common operations that gets used. (this is on US
>     keyboards)
>     RECOMMENDATION: accept '=' and '+' to zoom in.

Both + and = should work, with + being the default label.
Anything else is just a nightmare for international users.

I would prefer if GIMP used Ctrl++ Zoom In and Ctrl+- as the default
labelled keybindings in the menus, as well as the above keybindings.

> Additionally setup
> mouse
>                    button shortcuts for zooming in and out.  Perhaps
>                  ctrl-middle for zoom in, and ctrl-shift-middle for
>                  zoom out. This will keep peoples left hand on left
>                  side of the keyboard and their right hand on the mouse
>                  which is exactly where they belong. (is it a pita to
>                  have multiple keyboard shortcuts for the same item?)

I dont know about old Unix three button mice, I expect more users have
Wheel Mice instead so I really hope any changes you make wont adversly
affect them (and me).
Zooming with a Wheel Mouse should definately Ctrl+Wheel
(up & down == Zoom in & out) users already expect this from other
Wheel should scroll the page up and down, and Shift+Wheel should Scroll

I know Paint Shop Pro uses the Middle Click of a Wheel Mouse to Zoom In
but I never considered trying to use it with a Shift/Ctrl modifier.

> Thats enough for now.  I'll add the important stuff in here to
> bugzilla tomorrow.

> PS: I was skeptical at first, but I am happy with a 2.0 designation
> for the next release of gimp.


Alan Horkan

[1] Snowballs chance in hell I'll be able to afford to go to GIMP Con, I
only hope that people will take some notes and put up a short summary of
some of what gets discussed.

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