Helps if you have a 4D "ball" mouse (like I do), instead of only a 3D
"wheel" mouse.  :-)

Seriously though, mainly responding because I want to make sure the Gimp
developers know that there ARE mice out there with built-in miniature track
balls (2D) on top instead of having only single dimensional wheels on the
top.  These are known as "4D" mice.  I wouldn't want any changes made in
response to this thread that might prevent the scroll ball on these 4D mice
from working properly with the Gimp.  Thanks,


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> On Fri, 1 Aug 2003, Sven Neumann wrote:
> > > This functionality was recently added to Dia, you could probably take
> > > look and substantially borrow the same code.
> >
> > GIMP zooms on Shift-wheel since some early 1.1 version.
> damn, another inconsistancy.
> so how do you scroll sideways (using the wheel)?
> is this the same keybinding as Photoshop?
> - Alan
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