On 31 Jul 2003, Jay Cox wrote:

> > While we are on brushes I am wondering what kind of information needs to
> > be stored in a Brush file and why does it need a special file type of its
> > own?

> In general it needs some pixel data, spacing information, a hot spot,
> and whatever dynamic parameters that can apply to image hoses.  Any
> format that supports meta data would work fine.

something for my brain to chew on, thanks.
i was thinking it might be nice to be able to arbitrarily use any
supported image format as a crude brush.

> We could create a brushes menu, but there really isnt enough stuff to
> put in there.  I dont expect this will change for 2.0.

Rather than creating a brushes menu improvements to the brush selection
dialog might be a better place for it.

> > >     It requires two key presses (shift and =/+) to zoom-in which is one
> > >     of the most common operations that gets used. (this is on US
> > >     keyboards)
> > >
> > >     RECOMMENDATION: accept '=' and '+' to zoom in.
> >
> > http://bugzilla.gnome.org/show_bug.cgi?id=94910
> > Both + and = should work, with + being the default label.
> > Anything else is just a nightmare for international users.
> I agree that it should, but it doesnt.

if you file a bug report let me know so I can add myself to the CC list.

gthumb seems to be able to have more than one keybinding at the same
time for a menu item, how hard could it be?

> > > Additionally setup
> > > mouse
> > >                    button shortcuts for zooming in and out.  Perhaps
> > >              ctrl-middle for zoom in, and ctrl-shift-middle for
> > >              zoom out. This will keep peoples left hand on left
> > >              side of the keyboard and their right hand on the mouse
> > >              which is exactly where they belong. (is it a pita to
> > >              have multiple keyboard shortcuts for the same item?)
> >
> > I dont know about old Unix three button mice, I expect more users have
> > Wheel Mice instead so I really hope any changes you make wont adversly
> > affect them (and me).
> > Zooming with a Wheel Mouse should definately Ctrl+Wheel
> > (up & down == Zoom in & out) users already expect this from other
> > applications.
> > Wheel should scroll the page up and down, and Shift+Wheel should Scroll
> > sideways.
> >
> > I know Paint Shop Pro uses the Middle Click of a Wheel Mouse to Zoom In
> > but I never considered trying to use it with a Shift/Ctrl modifier.
> Using the wheel for zooming seems like a good idea to me.

Please note that I very specifically said that the wheel should by default
scroll the page up and down and that Zooming must use a modifier and
should be Ctrl+Wheel (dont even get me started on not being able to use
Page Up and Page Down to actually scroll Up and Down the page, I would
go even more nuts if the scroll wheel didn't allow me to scroll).

This functionality was recently added to Dia, you could probably take a
look and substantially borrow the same code.


Alan Horkan

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