dOn 01-Aug-2003, Kevin Myers wrote:
> Helps if you have a 4D "ball" mouse (like I do), instead of only a 3D
> "wheel" mouse.  :-)
> Seriously though, mainly responding because I want to make sure the Gimp
> developers know that there ARE mice out there with built-in miniature track
> balls (2D) on top instead of having only single dimensional wheels on the
> top.  These are known as "4D" mice.  I wouldn't want any changes made in
> response to this thread that might prevent the scroll ball on these 4D mice
> from working properly with the Gimp.  Thanks,

I used to have a similar trackball. It was a trackball, three real buttons, and
then two wheels. Most apps I could scroll up and down with the first, and left
and right with the second. (Including most gtk1 apps.) It was pretty nice.
Alas, the thing died, and radio shack, who I bought it from, no longer was
selling them. So, Im now stuck with a llama compaq branded balless mouse.

*sigh* I hate comapq.

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