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> I don't think that it could be done in time for 2.0, but it would have
> been nice to use a Photoshop-friendly menurc as the default for 2.0 and
> insert the following stuff in the user installation step:

I would be inclined not to set the Photoshop keybindings as the defaults,
as we would need to keep an exact set of Photoshop keybindings but in the
defaults we might need to choose better keybindings (for Gnome and KDE for
example we would want Redo to be Ctrl+Shift+Z but in Photoshop Redo uses

> - Check if the user has a ~/.gimp or ~/.gimp-1.2 directory.
> - If not, install the new menurc without asking any questions.
> - If yes, insert a page with the following question as part of the
>   user installation dialogs: "Version 2.0 of the GIMP comes with a
>   new set of keyboard shortcuts that should be more convenient for
>   new users.  You have been using a previous version of the GIMP, so
>   you may want to keep the old shortcuts instead.  Please select one
>   of the following options:
>   [X] Use the new GIMP 2.0 shortcuts
>   [ ] Use the old GIMP 1.x shortcuts (not customized)
>   [ ] Copy your existing shortcuts (customized)

This would be nice but I am loathe to add to the questions asked at
startup.  I would rather that the upgrade simply copied the old menurc
across as the new menurc and the necessary work instead be done on the
Preferences Dialog so that users can easily switch between keybinding
sets.  Now that we can choose to Reset keybindings from the Preferences
dialog quietly copying the old menurc should work reasonably well (maybe).


Alan Horkan

PS I should probably start a new thread * but in case anyone didn't see
this on Slashdot,
Disney saves money by using Linux Wine Adobe Photoshop


Some choice quotes from the article:

Jack Brooks, director of technology at Walt Disney Feature Animation

... he ran into performance issues with the two programs.  [CinePaint and
the GIMP]
Artists also found the open-source programs less intuitive to use than
[People don't even know the meaning of the word "intuative" to be fair
they should have said "consistant" with Photoshop]

"There's this whole artistic community built around Photoshop, and we
couldn't easily move these people to free alternatives,"

* I probably should have started a new thread so if you feel the need to
reply please make sure to change the subject line and start a new thread

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