[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-09 at 1830.56 -0700):
>       Is there a good reason not to use either PSD or TIFF as the 
> native format?   The only possible argument for either is that Adobe 
> controls them both.  However, I would state that TIFF has pretty much 
> taken on a life of its own outside Adobe (via libtiff).

You are right, PSD is not an option, it would mean always behind Adobe
and never able to include new things. And even less now that the specs
are harder to get, and some data I doubt will be ever public (is Gimp
hardlight 100% the same than Photoshop for example?). About TIFF,
every now and then someone appears with an horror story about TIFF
files, so while better than PSD, I dunno if enough. :/

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