* Adam D. Moss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030814 09:59]:
> Stephen J Baker wrote:
> >So, I think what is needed to make a reliable file format is to provide
> >a well written library for reading and writing the files that's freely
> >available and properly maintained on every modern platform FROM DAY ONE.
> I agree with this -- I think it's really important.
> (That's if we either want or expect the new XCF to become
> a defacto standard in the first place.  Personally I'm not
> sure either way, but in any case it makes sense to
> library-ise the XCF load/saver just from a technical
> abstraction standpoint.)

Which is why I in an earlier mail suggested developing a GEGL file format 
that gimp could extend and use a subset of. By doing it this way, gegl
would be the aforementioned file loading, and compositing library,.
(e.g. if an application needs to load an XCF2 file, but don't support
layers, the library would be capable of compositing it, putting the
logic to do compositing of layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, u8,
u16, float, double, cmyk, rgb, ycbcr and spotcolors into a file loading
library,. makes very little sense,..

For those who were not at GimpCon2,. http://phpweb.hig.no/~oey_kola/ccc/
contains three images of how a GEGL compositing graph correlates with
the current gimp layer stack,. a layer stack with groups, and a layer
stack with some effect/adjustment layers added.

/Øyvind K

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