On Thu, 14 Aug 2003, Øyvind Kolås wrote:

> * Adam D. Moss <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030814 09:59]:
> > Stephen J Baker wrote:
> > >So, I think what is needed to make a reliable file format is to provide
> > >a well written library for reading and writing the files that's freely
> > >available and properly maintained on every modern platform FROM DAY ONE.
> >
> > I agree with this -- I think it's really important.


> > but in any case it makes sense to library-ise the XCF load/saver just
> > from a technical abstraction standpoint.)
> Which is why I in an earlier mail suggested developing a GEGL file format
> that gimp could extend and use a subset of. By doing it this way, gegl
> would be the aforementioned file loading, and compositing library,.
> (e.g. if an application needs to load an XCF2 file, but don't support
> layers, the library would be capable of compositing it, putting the
> logic to do compositing of layers, layer groups, adjustment layers, u8,
> u16, float, double, cmyk, rgb, ycbcr and spotcolors into a file loading
> library,. makes very little sense

It actually makes a lot of sense to have GEGL support loading XCFs.  It
would probably be a good idea to have a separate library as well, for
those apps that already have their own compositors and don't want to have
another one as well.


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