* Leonard Rosenthol <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> [030814 16:33]:
> At 10:06 AM +0200 8/14/03, Øyvind Kolås wrote:
> >Which is why I in an earlier mail suggested developing a GEGL file format
> >that gimp could extend and use a subset of. By doing it this way, gegl
> >would be the aforementioned file loading, and compositing library,.
>       But that seems like an EXTREMELY heavyweight library to 
> incorporate into a project just for reading/writing files...

The baseline GEGL library will be exactly the baseline functionality
needed to be able to something useful with the file,. compositing the
layers, layer groups, and effect layers into a single image. And in that
process handling the various kinds of layers (8bit, 16bit 16bit float,
32bit float, rgb, cmyk etc.)

GEGL will by nature be extensible, and able to do more than GIMP
initially will use, this is the reason I proposed having different
levels of "complexity" for the graph layout, and restrictions on which
kinds of operations should be allowed in the baseline format.

If you're calling GEGL EXTREMELY heavyweight, you should be aware that
XCF with effect layers is also an EXTEREMLY heavyweight by your

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