Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
At 11:42 PM -0700 8/13/03, Manish Singh wrote:

GEGL uses XYZ as a native format.

Why? Lab is a richer model esp. for handling chromanicity and is also a standard in the print world natively. Why limit to XYZ??

I am not sure what you mean by a "richer model." Lab is a one-to-one mapping of XYZ. Every color in Lab is also in XYZ and visa versa. The transforms to/from XYZ from most other colorspaces is faster. Besides, Lab is _defined_ in terms of the XYZ colorspace. (well actually Lab is defined in terms of the xyY colorspace, which in turn is defined by the XYZ color space). And XYZ is not a "limit." XYZ is, to the best of the worlds scientific ability, contains every other 3 components human perception colorspace. You can convert from any colorspace to XYZ without a loss of information. And as far as it being gegl's "native" format, what he really means is that XYZ is used precisly in this fation. As a connection space between different colorspaces (just like most generic ICC color profiles are designed to do).


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