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On Wed, Aug 20, 2003 at 10:53:14PM -0400, Leonard Rosenthol wrote:
 > At 6:51 PM -0700 8/13/03, Manish Singh wrote:

>Does TIFF support, for example, float16 data, or a CIE XYZ colorspace?

Yes to both...

Hmm, got a reference to that? It wasn't immediately apparent in my reading of the spec.

See Section 19 for Floating point support in data.

I forget the section, but a simple search of the TIFF6 spec led to a number of references on CIE XYZ support.

What's the turnaround time for that? Taking weeks or months isn't really

It's there to make sure that people don't duplicate tags - so as long as we pick pretty unique tags related to the GIMP, it's not a problem.

Another thing I'm worried about is simply adding to the confusion of
"what is a tiff file". There are few tiff readers/writers that support
the entire feature set of tiff, and many broken implementations out there.

True - but that's the case with EVERY SINGLE file format (graphic, wp, etc.). Only the original application for which the format was created will usually support all features. Not every feature of PNG is supported by all tools. GIMP doesn't support all features of PSD files.

The fact is, WHATEVER format we end up, it needs to be understood that there will be other consumers of that format that will not (or can not) implement a full 100% of it.

There's an advantage of starting from a clean slate, and not having to
worry about existing baggage.

There is indeed...and there are disadvantages as well (including a LOT more time to design and then code).

And those are the tradeoffs that someone (Sven? Mitch? etc.?) will have to make sooner or later...

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