[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-08-14 at 1440.34 -0400):
>       The updates were originally done as technical notes, now they
> are incorporated into the main TIFF v7 spec which is part of the
> Photoshop SDK.
They seem to be very friendly and open about it:
>From http://partners.adobe.com/asn/photoshop/index.jsp
"Q: Why is Adobe changing the policy on how the Photoshop SDK is
A: The Photoshop SDK contains Adobe-owned intellectual property and
for that reason, Adobe needs to capture and verify contact information
for every party that desires to use this developer kit for business or
personal use."
By bundling TIFF into it they are doing a "nice" service to spread the
format and make everyone have compatible readers and writers. At least
it seems clear, it is about lawyers not about technology.
PS: Sorry, I forgot, quotation from a document "Copyright © 2003 Adobe
Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved." Cos copyright laws still
allow quotation, no? :]
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