Leonard Rosenthol wrote:

At 3:33 PM -0400 8/14/03, Carol Spears wrote:

So this combination would answer your LAB & CMYK issues and possibly my need to use a greater than 256 color palette then?

No, it would not.

ICC profiling is a VERY different thing that actual "raw" CMYK or Lab data...

Paletizing of an image is also different...

Well, I don't understand the color issues that well. Merely my own limitations with TheGIMP so far.

Complaints I remember reading from more "technically inclined" people about tiff were mostly about the lwz compression. I guess while it was not free it was also not the best way to go about doing such a thing.

Yes, that was a legal issue, not a truly technical one. (LZW, not lwz).

Here is an example of my lazy brain working for me. As soon as I read something that makes me think "expensive, selfish and substandard" (as this compression and those three letters make me think) my brain stops giving time and space to the idea.

My worst fear is that TheGIMP will settle for something that came from this sort of thought process and development cycle.

Eh, something like "spiritually unsound" is fine if we are getting the best thing. I don't think we would be if we took this tiff route.

Does tiff have a comments area? I use jpeg comment often and am anxious
to start using comments in pngs. Rumor has it that the capability is there ....

However, I read recently about artifacts appearing in compressed pngs, so this might not be the miracle fix I had hoped for.

PNG won't artifact images unless you are palettizing them, which is NOT the default.

This was someone bitching on the irc. I don't know all of the details and I did not see the image.

I was without power for more than a day, I am hoping to read the rest
of the mail and see that we will be using mng as a base and redesigning
it some.  :)


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