Jakub Steiner writes:
 > I have sucessfully done this with an existing GIMP plugin - GAP's move
 > path. At PAL resolution. The only problem is it needs a lot of disk
 > space and RAM.

Hmm, didn't know GAP could do that. I don't think GAP is suitable for
this. Takes way too much disk space. Or does it? 

OK, I tried to use a GAP's move path on a high resolution image. It
seems to require a moving image as source? If a want to use a *still*
image as source, does this mean I have to create n copies of the
already large image, and GAP then loads each (identical) image
separately, and extracts the zoomed-in and panned frame from it?
Ugh. Also, the GAP's move path dialog didn't seem to have a way to set
the destination frame size directly in pixels, only hard-to-use


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