Alan Horkan writes:
 > If you are particularly ambitious could it be an substantial "Animation
 > Tool", an interface like a standalone application but substantially
 > reusing the GIMP components, a sister to the GIMP if you will? (If I am
 > being wildly unrealistic as usual, just say so).

Umm... Yes, that does sound a bit scary. I don't think GIMP's
components (like the bezier path tool) are ready yet to be used in
other applications.

 > With the slideshow features you suggest you would have quite a useful and
 > substantial Presentation program so long as you could through text and
 > arrows on top.

Umm... maybe later. Layering graphics on top of the animation
could/should be handled by a separate application, why cram all
functionality into one. At least not initially.

 > > Should there be some way for plug-ins to register interest in getting
 > > callbacks when paths nodes are moved/added/deleted, etc?  Other

 > i think that would be useful.

Yup. Any comments from core developers? Would implementing callbacks
to plug-ins be straightforward, or is there some gotcha? Or should
plug-ins just poll frequently to see if a path/selection/whatever has
been edited?


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