I wrote/maintain a project that does what you're describing. In realtime,
even! :),112

...Might be worth looking into for such a plug-in. I made it as modular as
possible, so making a gimp plugin [out of it | for it] may not be too much
of a stretch.

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Subject: [Gimp-developer] "Ken Burns" style animation tool: standalone

> (No, I haven't seen any Ken Burns documentaries (AFAIK), but his name
> comes up all the time when googling for stuff to do this kind of
> animation I am talking about here. He probably is known to the
> Americans on this list?)
> I have recently toyed with the thought of writing a tool to produce
> (low (TV) resolution) animations (for writing to VCD or DVD, mainly)
> from (high resolution) still images. I.e. if you have some
> multi-megapixel image, with the tool you could produce animations
> where you zoom in/out, pan the over some straight or curved path,
> rotate the viewport, etc. Seems like a nice way to put a bit more
> "life" into your digital image slideshows.
> (For a simple and small commercial standalone tool that does this (on
> Windows), check out MovingPicture from Stage Tools,
> Demo version downloadable.)
> Would it be better to write this as a GIMP plug-in, or a standalone
> tool?
> If written as a GIMP plug-in, it seems natural to use GIMP's Bezier
> paths to define the path along which the "virtual camera" moves. Lots
> of code saved there. As a plug-in, it would perhaps most closely
> resemble the "Easter Egg" plug-ins as it isn't really a filter,
> doesn't render anything into a new image, nor does is save or load
> images. Hmm.
> The "Ken Burns" plug-in would need to associate more data with the
> path. The path nodes would correspond to keyframes between which the
> tool would interpolate zooms and camera movements.  Each keyframe
> would have an associated time values and "virtual camera" orientation
> and size vector. (To be able to zoom or rotate without moving the
> virtual camera, path nodes might have several associated keyframes.)
> The plug-in would provide a GUI to define the keyframes and their
> attributes, and a preview window, but not do the actual rendering of
> the animation to AVI, MPEG or whatever format itself, just output a
> "recipe" that would then be used by a separate batch-oriented program
> to actually render the animation. It should also be possible to load
> such a saved recipe and continue working on it, of course.
> One difficult thing is how to handle the fact that it is possible that
> the user edits the path while the "Ken Burns" plug-in is active and
> already has fetched its data with gimp_path_get_points().
> Should there be some way for plug-ins to register interest in getting
> callbacks when paths nodes are moved/added/deleted, etc?  Other
> plug-ins for new kinds of functionality might similarily be interested
> in getting callbacks when selections are modified, etc. Is there
> currently any way for plug-ins to get asynchronous callbacks for
> events like these?
> --tml
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