> Burton Samograd writes:
>  > You should look at Cinellera. 

 > Tor Lillqvist <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
 > > Hmm... It was strangely hard to find Cinellera using Google, I

Umm yes, that was because it's spelled Cinelerra, not Cinellera...

Still, I find it odd that neither the heroinewarrior.com or
sourceforge pages, nor the source code, mention any names of the
people (one or several) behind this project. (OK, I don't have a
problem with anonymously written software per se, but the author could
at least document then that he/she prefers to be anonymous.) Written
in C++. Few meaningful comments. Lack of READMEs. Very much Linux and
X11 only, and doesn't seem to have been ported even to other
Unixes. Uses its own GUI toolkit. Doesn't use any auto*
machinery. Seems very much to be the work of a "lone fanatic".

Err, no thanks. I have gotten too accustomed to the programming style
and cooperative community of GTK, GIMP etc.


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