On Mon, 8 Sep 2003 21:18:32 +0200, Jean-Christophe Dubacq <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> As I do not think my former message reached gimp-users, I will try there
> (it also seems more fit, and I am subscribed):
> Is there any way to directly edit the alpha layer of a layer. Layer
> masks do only reduce the alpha, never increase it; and sometimes I would
> like to somehow delete any opacity information in a layer, without
> having to repaint all. So maybe there is a solution, but I didn't find
> this (since editing a mask is not the answer)...

Your mail would have been more appropriate for the gimp-user list, because
this is not directly related to the development of the GIMP.

Anyway, please check the Eraser tool and enable the "anti-erase" option.
This is an ugly hack, but this is probably what you are looking for.

I think that this option should disappear.  Instead, we should have an
"undo brush".  Because in most cases, what you want to do is to
recover some data that has been deleted by accident.  So you could get
that from the undo history.  It does not make much sense to "un-erase"
something if you do not know what was there before, even if this quick
hack was easy to implement in the early versions of the GIMP.  So if
it becomes possible later to "paint with undo," then we should remove
the anti-erase option.


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