[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-09-09 at 2128.34 +0200):
> On a related note: In 1.3 we introduced the possibility to initialize
> the mask from the layers alpha channel. This is still unfinished since

1.2 has that option too. What I think was added is inverse option and
selection and grayscale-copy modes.

> it should probably transfer the alpha channel to the mask by making
> the layer all opaque. The open question here is if this should be the
> default behaviour. It might be confusing since the other ways of
> initializing the layer mask don't touch the layer's alpha channel.
> Any opinions on this, anyone?

I would add option to clean alpha channel. Probably a name like
"Discard alpha channel contents afterwards" should be fine (except
that you will still have alpha channel :-/ ). "Reset alpha channel
afterwards" maybe?

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