Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

>> - If necessary, fill the remaining purely transparent parts with a
>> color of your choice, since according to the logic of the designers
>> of the program they conceptually have no color at all.
>I think you misunderstood some discussions or you wouldn't talk such
>a nonsense.

You're probably right here. I thought that the generally accepted opinion
was that zero alpha implied undefined color info, and the anti-erase etc.
was just a hack from that point of view and it could be removed in future.

>On a related note: In 1.3 we introduced the possibility to initialize
>the mask from the layers alpha channel. This is still unfinished since
>it should probably transfer the alpha channel to the mask by making
>the layer all opaque. The open question here is if this should be the
>default behaviour. It might be confusing since the other ways of
>initializing the layer mask don't touch the layer's alpha channel.
>Any opinions on this, anyone?

I think that many people (including me) would expect to have this feature,
and I'm eager to see it implemented. My suggestion to avoid confusion is to
offer two options instead of one when creating the mask:

  - Copy from Alpha channel
  - Move from Alpha channel

or alternative wordings such as Copy/Move Alpha to Mask. I think that the
emphasis on the copy/move words while keeping the rest of the sentence
unchanged will make it clear for everyone that they behave differently and
that Alpha info will be deleted after a "move" operation.

  Pedro Gimeno
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