[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-09-09 at 1857.11 +0200):
> 1. Follow these steps:
> 2. Copy the following script (which uses an undocumented hack and may cease

3. Use the other script. Thanks Pedro for making me think again if my
old one worked or not. It seems preview and image window have some
issues updating, that made me think it worked when it did not. This
revised script does not have problem with selections (that is the part
I had to fix today, by copying the code I already wrote for other
scripts) or undocumented values (used a different approach since day

Temp location (if not there, it got a page, so navigate the site):

4. Maybe instead of a script it could be an option for the add layer
mask dialog. What do people think about this other solution?
Personally I do not think changing the behaviour (without option)
would be nice, cos it will disallow effects that are based in already
transparent layers plus extra control via the mask (think fading text
layer or animations).

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