Alan Horkan writes:
 > I was just asking because the code was being changed anyway.

Well, actually it's not certain at all that the screenshot code used
on Win32 will be changed. The winsnap plug-in works, and even if code
from it was copied into screenshot.c, it wouldn't still work the same
way as on X11 (i.e., you still would have to select the window to grab
by dragging the mouse and release the button when on top of the target
window, not just move the mouse and click when on top), so why
bother... Additionally the winsnap code requires currently an .rc
file, and taking care of that in plug-ins/common/ would
cause additional pain.

(Making it work like on X11 would require some pretty hairy changes to
the way GDK mouse grabs are implemented on Win32 (and keyboard grabs
while at it), won't presumably happen soon. See my post on


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