On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Alan Horkan wrote:

> > > It would be nice to have more keys available to the tools. I'd love
> > > to get the Del-Key working for deletion of nodes in the path tool...
> >
> > The del key is a bad choice. Quite a few GIMP users have Apple machines
> > which don't have a del key.
> I think Apple is exceptional in that regard and didn't they put some of
> the keys back in the later iMac designs?
> Delete is such a particularly good and obvious keybinding for Deleting
> things with on other platforms couldn't we use delete as well as another
> keybinding for the benifit of Mac users?

It is true that the Apple keyboards that used to come with the iMacs, B/W
G3s and G4s don't have a del key. However, this keyboard has long since
been replaced with the full-sized keyboard, which does have the key. As
does every older mac keyboard in existence, save the PowerBook keyboards.

Simply put, most people should have the key. However, how about using
backspace, which IMO is more intuitive for deleting things. (Though it
could be used by something else, I'm not entirely sure.)


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