On Sat, 13 Sep 2003, Marco Wessel wrote:


> It is true that the Apple keyboards that used to come with the iMacs, B/W
> G3s and G4s don't have a del key. However, this keyboard has long since
> been replaced with the full-sized keyboard, which does have the key. As
> does every older mac keyboard in existence, save the PowerBook keyboards.
> Simply put, most people should have the key. However, how about using
> backspace, which IMO is more intuitive for deleting things. (Though it
> could be used by something else, I'm not entirely sure.)

Backspace is used to clear a dynamic a dynamic menu keybinding.  (Not to
rule out the possibility of that specific context being made properly
isolated to allow use of Backspace else where).


Alan Horkan

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