On Sun, 14 Sep 2003, Daniel Egger wrote:

> Am Sam, 2003-09-13 um 23.30 schrieb Marco Wessel:
> > It is true that the Apple keyboards that used to come with the iMacs, B/W
> > G3s and G4s don't have a del key. However, this keyboard has long since
> > been replaced with the full-sized keyboard, which does have the key.
> Just curious, where is it on the later keyboards?

Same place as ever. Right under ins/help, next to end.

> > As does every older mac keyboard in existence, save the PowerBook keyboards.
> None of the notebooks have it which are oddly enough quite common to
> find at artists.

I don't know about the PC notebooks, but the powerbooks don't have one. Of
course their keyboard is smaller than the iMac one, and the key is rarely
used on macs. So this is understandable.

> > Simply put, most people should have the key.
> Talking about all users sure, with Mac users I'd be careful with this
> claim.

Most pro users will have replaced their keyboards with the larger
keyboard. The larger part of the non-powerbook folks will have it.

Anyway, I recall forward delete being shift-backspace in macos on those
keyboard, and I even recall using that. Oddly, when I just tried it, it
didn't work. I'm guessing it's an option somewhere.


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