[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-09-26 at 1933.11 +0000):
> >I'd suggest to leave the C-R as default keybinding and hardcode the C-S-Z. 
> sounds like a good option, of course, it would confuse things if a user 
> wants to apply SH+CT+Z to some other function(not sure why they'd want to, 
> but it's possible).

Grouped undo, or call undo history, ie. Hardcoding would be more
problem than harm, btw.

> just out of interest, what on earth made the GNOME HIG people think that 
> SH+CT+Z was a good combo for anything? and is there a good reason (HIG rules 
> wise) for not allowing use of CT+R? it's not like there's a refresh of 
> reload funciton in GIMP(although it could be handy, i still wouldn't want it 
> attached to CT+R)

Probably a mix of "related to undo" with "used in other places"
reasonings. If you want a real answer, ask them.

They did not have any problem about changing button order from the
most used one (important button on left side, for LTR languages) to
the easier to use one (imporant on right side), OTOH, so logic behind
when to change and when not is fuzzy for me. And they proposed
shortcuts seem to be text editor / browser oriented, while other kinds
of apps seems to be ignored.

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