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> Fine, I know about the order and the verbs, so I can not understand
> why there seems to be a blind reasoning about shortcuts: not every app
> requires the same functions nor the same usage pattern, so settings
> lots of shortcuts that only seem to match text editors and browser
> seems unreasonable.

It does not "only seem to match text editors and browsers".  The first
examples of shortcuts that were posted at the beginning of this
discussion (previous thread) mentioned the shortcuts used in Photoshop
and Paint Shop Pro on Mac and Windows.

> Gimp has collisions with other keys, you just
> changed one, but there are more, if you want to comply, your work is
> half done... and I will change back in my own config to make things
> nice for a Gimp user instead than for a HIG writer. HIG is not set in
> stone, and even then, it can be wrong.

Yes, but on the other hand we should not invent or keep old shortcuts
that are not used by any other applications if it would be possible to
use some well-known shortcuts without significant drawbacks.  Using
the same shortcuts as some other applications would be a great help
for the new users.  So from my point of view, the list of choices for
the Redo shortcut contains only two alternatives: Ctrl-Shift-Z or
Ctrl-Y.  We should pick one of these, but not the old shortcut.

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