[EMAIL PROTECTED] (2003-10-01 at 0852.29 +0200):
> > They did not have any problem about changing button order from the
> > most used one (important button on left side, for LTR languages) to
> > the easier to use one (imporant on right side), OTOH, so logic behind
> > when to change and when not is fuzzy for me.
> The button order is used elsewhere (Mac). It should be used in
> conjunction with better dialogs (action verbs such as "Save",
> "Revert", "Don't save" rather than "Yes", "No", "Cancel"). And
> the logic behind it is simply that humans using LTR languages
> read dialogs from the top left to the bottom right, so the
> default action should be on the bottom right.

Fine, I know about the order and the verbs, so I can not understand
why there seems to be a blind reasoning about shortcuts: not every app
requires the same functions nor the same usage pattern, so settings
lots of shortcuts that only seem to match text editors and browser
seems unreasonable. Gimp has collisions with other keys, you just
changed one, but there are more, if you want to comply, your work is
half done... and I will change back in my own config to make things
nice for a Gimp user instead than for a HIG writer. HIG is not set in
stone, and even then, it can be wrong.

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