Hi GIMPers,

During the last weeks, I collected a number or ideas for enhancing or
fixing some parts of the web site.  Some of these came from me, some
others were suggested by various contributors or visitors (via e-mail
or Bugzilla).  I wanted to wait for the new web site to be officially
launched before starting new discussions about these ideas, but it is
probably better to start this now because nothing has happened in the
last three weeks.

This message is only a summary.  It will be followed on Monday by
several others in which I will give more details about these ideas.
These messages are all about ideas and proposals, not decisions.  In
other words, the goal is to discuss these issues and try to reach a
consensus about whether each one is a good or a bad idea and whether
it should be implemented or not.  Some of these are open questions
that should be discussed and for which we should find a solution.

I numbered these ideas to make the cross-references easier.  "RFD"
stands for "Request For Discussion", as on good old USENET.

Improvements to the gimp-web build system / making it easier for
others to contribute to the web site:
RFD01: Use autoconf/automake and re-organize the Makefiles
RFD02: Can we relax the requirements for building simple pages?
RFD03: Getting the splash screens from gimp CVS, not gimp-web
RFD04: Getting and filtering the ChangeLogs from gimp CVS
RFD05: Should the news be stored in gimp-web CVS or not?

Improvements to the page navigation, templates, etc.:
RFD06: Highlight or dim the current section in the navigation menu
RFD07: How to choose web and/or e-mail links when refering to a person?
RFD08: Improved template system, separation between templates and contents

Improvements to the contents of the site:
RFD09: Distribution of GIMP binaries for various platforms
RFD10: Using the wiki for improving the contents of the web site

I will post these messages on Monday to the gimp-web list.  I know
that some GIMP contributors who are not on the gimp-web list are
interested in discussing some of these ideas.  Unfortunately, it is
currently not possible to join that list because the subscription
mechanism is not working anymore (both the web-based form and the
e-mail to the list request address are broken).  That's why I am
cross-posting this summary and waiting until Monday before posting the
next messages: if you want to be included on the CC list of some or
all of these messages, please tell me before Monday so that you can
participate in the discussion.

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