Raphaël Quinet <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> On 18 Oct 2003 12:10:07 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > We still move things around and I would even like to rename the file
> > once more. But a simple list of GIMP versions with splash filenames
> > and CVS revisions should do the trick.
> My goal is to have a script that can do most of the stuff automatically.
> The script would do a "cvs log" on gimp/data/images/gimp_splash.png and
> the .ppm files that were used earlier.  From this, it would extract the
> revision tags ("symbolic names") and extract the list of GIMP revisions
> following the pattern GIMP_<major>_<minor>_<micro>.  For each of the
> tagged revisions, it would do a "cvs checkout -r <revision> -p" to get
> the file and store the result using the appropriate file name
> (including the version number).  Well, it is a bit more complicated
> than that, but hopefully you get the idea.

I understood this w/o your explanation, but the problem is that the
splash has not always been called gimp_splash.png and it will not
always be called gimp_splash.png. So instead of going through the
hassle of coping with all these exceptions, it would probably be a lot
easier to manually maintain a simple file with this information. This
is just a suggestion, do as you like.

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