On 20 Oct 2003 17:13:46 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> I understood this w/o your explanation, but the problem is that the
> splash has not always been called gimp_splash.png and it will not
> always be called gimp_splash.png. So instead of going through the
> hassle of coping with all these exceptions, it would probably be a lot
> easier to manually maintain a simple file with this information. This
> is just a suggestion, do as you like.

But this is exactly what I suggested in the part of my message that you
did not quote: "The only things that the script would need as input are
the current file name of the splash screen and the previous ones."  There
is no need to keep the list of CVS versions in that file, because the
script can fetch them from CVS (and therefore make sure that it gets the
latest ones).

For more details, see the message RFD03 that I will post in a few minutes
to the gimp-web list.  Hmmm...  Maybe I will cross-post RFD03 to the
gimp-developer list as well, since this thread has been cross-posted to
both lists.  I will not post all RFDs today because I still have to work
on some of them and I am running out of time, but I will at least try to
post the first three or four.

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