On 18 Oct 2003 12:10:07 +0200, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Carol Spears <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> > The early splash screens were a mess to get from CVS.  They were
> > moved all around and the version number changed often.  They were a
> > nightmare to retrieve; thank goodness yosh did it.
> We still move things around and I would even like to rename the file
> once more. But a simple list of GIMP versions with splash filenames
> and CVS revisions should do the trick.

My goal is to have a script that can do most of the stuff automatically.
The script would do a "cvs log" on gimp/data/images/gimp_splash.png and
the .ppm files that were used earlier.  From this, it would extract the
revision tags ("symbolic names") and extract the list of GIMP revisions
following the pattern GIMP_<major>_<minor>_<micro>.  For each of the
tagged revisions, it would do a "cvs checkout -r <revision> -p" to get
the file and store the result using the appropriate file name
(including the version number).  Well, it is a bit more complicated
than that, but hopefully you get the idea.

The only things that the script would need as input are the current file
name of the splash screen and the previous ones.  From this, it can
extract all revisions of these files (including on the gimp-1-2 branch).
The script would automatically get the latest version from gimp CVS, so
it would not be necessary to copy and commit it in gimp-web CVS whenever
a new splash screen is added.  So this would be one more step towards
the goal of making the web site as maintenance-free as possible.

For the details, see the message that I will post to the gimp-web list
in a few hours (RFD03).

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