Piotr Legiecki <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> I'd like to have a glimpse of what and *when* gimp is going to make
> next big step (after 2.0 release), or in other words when gimp is
> going to use gegl?

We are considering a slow migration towards GEGL since we want to
avoid another large rewrite of the GIMP that would cause another
endless development cycle. So at the moment we consider to start using
some parts of GEGL after GIMP-2.0 is out. This does not necessarily
mean that GIMP-2.2 will have significantly better support for color
spaces or more color precision but it means that the GEGL development
will get more momemtum and it will bring us one step closer to these

> I have just looked at gegl site and it looks quiet, very
> quiet. Actually it looks just like a year ago ;-( (I mean those %
> status). Am I looking at wrong (not updated) places?

Indeed. Websites do rarely say anything useful about the state of
development of an open source project. If you had a look at CVS, you'd
have noticed that there is indeed development going on.

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