On 5 Nov 2003, at 10:35, Piotr Legiecki wrote:

> I'd like to have a glimpse of what and *when* gimp is going to make
> next big step (after 2.0 release), or in other words when gimp is
> going to use gegl?
> I have just looked at gegl site and it looks quiet, very quiet.
> Actually it looks just like a year ago ;-( (I mean those % status). Am
> I looking at wrong (not updated) places?

Sometimes Calvin needs to be prodded and poked a little to make him 
update the web site. I am sure if you asked him politely, he would 
update the site.

A much better source for checking out what's going on with GEGL 
(although not for a 'where are we now?' type of overview) is the CVS 
tree. See for instance 
(or other views at <http://cvs.gnome.org>). As you can see from the 
Changelog, it's mostly one person working at it, although he keeps 
working at it steadily. There are several other people involved 
though. They are on this list, so they might tell you more.

Good luck,

branko collin
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