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> On Wed, Nov 05, 2003 at 12:27:04PM +0100, Sven Neumann <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > avoid another large rewrite of the GIMP that would cause another
> > endless development cycle. So at the moment we consider to start using
> > some parts of GEGL after GIMP-2.0 is out. This does not necessarily
> > mean that GIMP-2.2 will have significantly better support for color
> Looking at the subject, I'd certainly say that the version that a)
> integrates gegl and b) makes full use of it (La*b*, fixed & floatingpoint
> etc.) would certainly qualify to be gimp-3.0 (I'd even say a major bump is
> a must) :)

Agreed. However this doesn't keep us from starting to use some GEGL
functionality earlier. This is all undecided yet but we consider to
start by replacing GimpColor with GeglColor.

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