Hi all,

It's been a while since the last mail about the blockers for the
2.0 prereleases, so here it is.

Bug #   Summary

78064   Entering large dimensions in Scale Image causes fatal
113033  Thumbnail PDB API for Plug-Ins
125115  Gimp will not work with GTK 2.4
125141  Deprecate libgimpmisc
125142  Make libgimp 64 bit clean
125144  Text transforms
58507   Translators should mentioned somewhere (maybe in
        help->about like in nautilus)
66367   Improved animoptimize for RLE or LZW compression
116606  gradients not saved until quit
118547  Convert Text Layer To Pixels / Render Text Layer
122707  Text: can't make smaller boundary size of block

That's 11, as opposed to 11 the last time. Many of the bugs are
in the same state as a couple of weeks ago. 

There is one new blocker (build with GTK 2.4) which has been mostly 
addressed, and I think that it can be moved off the 1.3.x milestone.

Aside from that, I am working on 116606 (gradients not saved
until quit) - there is now a workaround, and I hope to have a
complete fix in place soon (perhaps today?). 

125142 (64 bit clean) is mostly done, awaiting one final commit
from yosh to close it. Part of this bug was the API for
gimp_dialog_new() which has been changed recently by mitch.

Simon is still working on the About dialog, and he has asked for
input and ideas. They should be added to bug #58507.

Bug #78064 (crash on scale image) is currently not being looked
at by anyone. Please speak up.

David Odin has been doing some work on getting rid of libgimpmisc
and libgimpmiscui from the installed libgimp API, but he is
looking for some help, I think. Add a comment to bug #125141.

Raphael was working on bug #66367 (RLE animoptimize) last time,
and I believe that's still the case.

That leaves 5 bugs:

113033  Thumbnail PDB API for Plug-Ins

Sven had almost finished this last I heard.

125144  Text transforms

This bug has a comment from Sven which outlines what needs to be
done to close this request. Perhaps someone with some time on
their hands could do this?

122707  Text: can't make smaller boundary size of block

I'm not sure of the current status of this. Last I heard the
back-end was more or less done, and it needed an UI. I suggest
buimping the milestone, since I don't think this is essential for
a usable text tool.

118547  Convert Text Layer To Pixels / Render Text Layer

This is on the TODO list of Sven, I think.

OK - so there's the summary. Not a huge amount of movement on
these, but we're going in the right direction.


       David Neary,
       Lyon, France
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