David Neary <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> Apologies if the tone seemed a little negative.

There's no need to apologize, no offense was taken.

Let me then try to come up with a summary of all the things that
happened, not mentioning the changes that didn't yet happen:

- GIMP can now be used w/o any fonts. Well, of course you need fonts
  for the user interface but you could use X or Win32 core fonts for
  the user interface and GIMP will start even if your fontconfig setup
  is empty. If it is broken, you can workaround this by specifying
  --no-fonts on the gimp-1.3 command-line. Of course the text tool is
  unusable then.

- We now support loading of GIMP brush format version 3. That is the
  format that was introduced by the FilmGimp or CinePaint developers
  (I don't know exactly when this change was made). I didn't find any
  brushes in this format that make use of the higher color precision
  that it allows for. So it probably doesn't matter at all that we
  convert the brush data to 8bit integers on load. If you google for
  GIMP brushes, you will find a nice set of charcoal brushes that can
  now be used directly by The GIMP.

- Mitch redid the GimpDialog API. The new API is a lot simpler and
  very similar to GtkDialog. This is an incompatible API change but
  we did not want to release 2.0 with the messy old GimpDialog API.
  The new API simplifies some plug-in user interface code quite a bit.

- Simon added the possibility to merge paths, similar to the "Merge
  Visible Layers" functionality. Simon is also working on the new
  About dialog and what he has so far really looks sweet.

- Mitch and me fixed more multi-head issues and GIMP should now work
  correctly on multi-head setups (not talking about Xinerama here!).
  There's even a way to move image and dock windows to different
  screens (on the same display). What is missing here is to make the
  session-management code aware of screens.

- We replaced the old WMF plug-in by a new version that uses libwmf2.
  The new plug-in was written by Dom Lachowicz and Francis James
  Franklin and used to live in the libwmf CVS tree until now.

- Dov Grobfeld contributed a plug-in for reading and writing the DICOM
  file format which is a standard file format for medical images.

- I've added a small abstraction layer that encapsulates the use of
  GDK graphics contexts when drawing on the display canvas. This
  reduces the number of GCs we use and allowed to fix multi-head
  issues and some redraw problems with XOR drawing.

- The plug-ins and the core finally use the same color selector. Mitch
  added the missing bits to make the color selector from libgimpwidgets
  load the same color selector modules that the core uses. This has been
  a very long-standing issue that is finally fixed now.

- Mitch added a user interface to change GIMP themes from the
  Preferences dialog. Finally the nice "Small" theme is available even
  to users that don't care to read any docs ;)

- Dave implemented the missing save functionality in GimpDataEditor.

Quite a few bugs were fixed and code was further cleaned up and
documented. We are getting into shape for the 2.0 prerelease...


PS: If I missed something, please feel free to correct me.

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