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> 2) what sort of information should be included there.  it is an
> interesting area.  Some contributers might be looking for jobs (or
> dates) and would like to have email and homepage and maybe annual income
> goals -- shoe size, i dunno.  Others might want to remain just a name in
> this list.  The question here would be "As a contributer to free
> software, what would you like to have know about you in this file?"

Let me add one or two sentences on this to avoid confusion.  The idea
is to keep this file in the source tree, not to install it. It would
serve as a database for us and for others who want to know who is
actually working on the GIMP project (or has worked on it).  What we
will probably also do is to generate a list of names from this file to
be used by the About dialog.

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