We have discussed the AUTHORS file on the irc, briefly.

I am ready and able to make an xml form of it, but there are some
questions that need to be addressed first.

1) do we still keep Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis as the authors and
everyone else as a contributer? Or everyone could be an AUTHOR or
everyone could be considered a CONTRIBUTER.  I am unable to have an
opinion on this and would really like to hear the opinions of a few

2) what sort of information should be included there.  it is an
interesting area.  Some contributers might be looking for jobs (or
dates) and would like to have email and homepage and maybe annual income
goals -- shoe size, i dunno.  Others might want to remain just a name in
this list.  The question here would be "As a contributer to free
software, what would you like to have know about you in this file?"

Let me recap once and see if everyone understands:

AUTHORS will become AUTHORS.xml

1.) Everyone is an <author /> or no?
2.) Information about the individuals that should be included like:
    <homepage />
    <corporation />
    <email />
    <phone />



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