On Thu, Nov 20, 2003 at 10:51:23AM -0600, Kelly Martin wrote:
> Carol Spears wrote:
> >1) do we still keep Spencer Kimball and Peter Mattis as the authors and
> >everyone else as a contributer? Or everyone could be an AUTHOR or
> >everyone could be considered a CONTRIBUTER.  I am unable to have an
> >opinion on this and would really like to hear the opinions of a few
> >others.
> I would be offended if Messrs. Kimball and Mattis were no longer listed as 
> the primary authors.  I see no reason to deviate from the current practice.
I always liked the way that the original two authors were kept as the
authors.  It made me like the app this much more.

I admit, it is a mooshey feeling of rightness.  Look at how everything
got mixed up in some of the current eh, models.  Like I was taught about
adam and eve; later someone digs up lilith.  I would hate for this to
happen with gimp culture.

eh lennon and mccartney are another good example.  they went with an
alphabetic listing of their names, now paul is on his own to say what he
did the most work on and not.  craziness.

lets avoid all of that and make a <developers head="name here" />.


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