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> So far there are 5 propositions in various stages of development,
> each of which has some + points and some - points.
> 2) Lyon
> 3) London
> 4) Dublin
> 5) Chemnitz
> Are there others? We need volunteers. 

I could also mention FOSDEM (Free & Open Source Software Developers'
European Meeting) in Brussels.  The 4th edition will take place on the
21st and 22nd of February 2004.  Some GIMP people have been there in
the previous years, such as jimmac giving some great demos (as usual)
and he will do it again for the 2004 edition.

- Brussels is easy to access by train or plane.  FOSDEM is organized
  on the university campus, which is well served by bus, subway, etc.
- It should not be too difficult to reserve a room for the GIMP
  developers.  Network access and other facilities will be available.
- Although we would have to organize the accomodations, the FOSDEM
  site lists several decent youth hostels that should be suitable.

- Not much time between now and the end of February.  And I don't
  think that they would shift FOSDEM to June only for us.  ;-)
- Only two days (Saturday and Sunday).  It may be difficult to extend
  our meeting before or after that week-end because most of the rooms
  will be booked for courses.  Although from my point of view, two
  days for gimpcon2004 would be enough so I wouldn't have to take
  days off of work (except for recovering, maybe).
- May be a bit crowded.

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