On 21 Nov 2003, at 12:00, David Neary wrote:

> I want to start a new thread to get this discussion (which I
> consider important) back on track.
> So far there are 5 propositions in various stages of development, each
> of which has some + points and some - points. 1) GUADEC 2) Lyon 3)
> London 4) Dublin 5) Chemnitz
> Are there others? We need volunteers. 

Sven suggested (IIRC), Hacking Extreme <http://www.hex2005.org>, the 
follow-up event to Hackers At Large in 2001, but that is of course 
still more than one and a half year away. The advantage, from what I 
understood, and IIRC, was that it tied into a networked camping 
> What facilities do we need? I've been working (in my head) with
> figures of 20-30 people, needing fairly liberal access to
> conference facilities and computer network, preferably staying
> with LUGgers, but perhaps in a hotel.

I did not mind the camping thing, which is an option as long as it's 
not too cold.

branko collin
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