David Neary wrote:

Also, I think local LUGs and any GUG's should be invovled with our gimpcon. It would be a great place for user-developer exchange. And a great place to teach everyone more about using the gimp. This might increase your number estimates.


What facilities do we need? I've been working (in my head) with
figures of 20-30 people, needing fairly liberal access to
conference facilities and computer network, preferably staying
with LUGgers, but perhaps in a hotel.

hotel facilicies are usually expensive, but hotels like to give conferences deals on the rooms if you are using their facilicies. It would only be worth it if we were getting enough rooms. How much is enough? I don't know. it probably depends on the hotel.


Who will manage the money side of things? We need someone who is
good with numbers, to organise a few people to do fundraising.

I can volunteer to handle the money. I am going to have to start doing it anyway for TGF, so I might as well start now. I know a bookkeeper to two as well, to help me keep track of things. If you get any checks now, you can make them out to me (Daniel Rogers). I will let everyone know when checks can be made out to The Gimp Foundation.


When is the earliest we could meet? When's the latest reasonable
date? I like late June, I think June/July/August is our target
area. Any comments?

Siggraph is in August. I would like to try and get some of our developers to go to siggraph but setting gimpcon and siggraph close to one another would prevent that. Because of this, I am favoring June.


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