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Kai-Uwe Behrmann wrote:
| Am 20.11.03, 21:10 -0800 schrieb Daniel Rogers:
|>I am working on an api for this in GEGL.  It is probably best to use the
|>system api's, when available, since there are already methods to plug
|>lcms into the exisiting system api's (on windows and Mac OS X) as a CMM.
| This would be fine for unix based systems too. Are there any plans to
| create an system interface for X to plug-in an CMM?
| Do You know someone allready working on this?

yeah, I am working on this.  Hopefully, I will be going to talk to the
X.org and freedesktop people in December.

|>~ There will be an abstraction in GEGL for this.  Eventually, I am going
|>to try an get it moved to the freedesktop.org people (and into gtk).
|>But that is quite a long term goal.
| Can You provide more informations about the current state of CMS in GEGL?

asking about the CMS in GEGL is really asking about the current state of
LCMS.  LCMS is a pretty darn complete color management system. And there
isn't a lot of solid information.  I know what I want to do, I just need
to do it.

Ok, so I avoided the question.  Do you want me to discuss technical
details of how I think colormanagement will work in gegl?

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