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Am 21.11.03, 07:44 -0800 schrieb Daniel Rogers:

> | This would be fine for unix based systems too. Are there any plans to
> | create an system interface for X to plug-in an CMM?
> | Do You know someone allready working on this?
> yeah, I am working on this.  Hopefully, I will be going to talk to the
> X.org and freedesktop people in December.

Staying interessted.

> | Can You provide more informations about the current state of CMS in GEGL?

> Ok, so I avoided the question.  Do you want me to discuss technical
> details of how I think colormanagement will work in gegl?

Yes, I am interessted in how gegl handles color space conversions for
instance. The more interessting question is how it is planed to get an
interface for tools and plug-ins to handle the same command to all color
spaces. For instance brighten an image affects all channels in RGB in Lab
only the L (Lightness) channel.

By the way is gegl C++ and can it use templates to have only one function
for all color depths in common?   Sorry if I mix here something.

Maybe You like to continue the discussion in the gegl list, so I will
need to subscribe.


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