Am 24.11.03, 11:29 +0100 schrieb Sven Neumann:

> Hmm? As I already outlined, the configure check in GIMP doesn't help
> external plug-ins and modules. Also, GIMP does not depend on lcms now,
> so I wonder what exactly you are trying to do with it ...?

I guessed You mean to set an variable which helps to set lcms paths and
switches in the Makefile. For instance the separate plug-in from Alastair
M. Robinson and the color-manager from Karl Heinz Kremer need to detect
lcms separately from the main app. These are plug-ins helping to work with
different colour spaces. Will they not included in gimps main release?

To my plans. As I was asked by users to make cinepaints tiffreader compile
in gimp because of its multilayer capabilities I like to reach the most
common behaviour. Recently I started to use lcms to convert undisplayable
colour spaces to RGB. So I am now able to open CMYKs and Lab to an visible
image. But it is not clear at the moment how to handle it at all. Maybe
the upcoming CMS framework of gimp is an better solution to handle this.
Next would be to apply an embedded profile to the image data and load the
converted image into the app. This could help to justify the workspace.
Other CMS issues stay on my plan. I found tiff has very good colour
management capabilities, so I work mostly on supporting this format.

I liked to offer the compatible plug-in with all features of gimp plug-in
and the additionals of cinepaint for gimps 2.0 realease. At the
moment Recently a friend and I managed the plug-in to compile with
gimp-1.3.23 .

This is part of what I plan to give back to gimp. To work for both apps at
once makes it more likely that people will enjoy the advantages of tiff .

Hope this helps avoiding some further code duplication.

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