This mail is only a tiny status mail of the current progress on

With Raymonds help i'm now be able to build the help with UTF-8 encoded
XML files, which are "xincluded" in the gimp.xml file. All of
the entities are gone and i can replace the last files with the
correct unicode characters. I'm looking forward to replace all the old
files with the newer UTF-8 stuff on weekend. That means, the CVS should
be up to date soon (i've some frensh files on hold). Julien and Raymond
are working like machines.. i can't get the files into the CVS as they
produce them :)

The manual itself looks promising. We got some additional writing power
for the english content. Daryl Lee takes care about the english content
and Niklas can produce (or better: is producing) swedish content. We,
Niklas and i, ran into bit trouble lately, when we tried to produce
the manual with some swedish content. It seems, that docbook doesn't
have any swedish support?!

Additionally, we get some feedback from Ramanan Selvaratnam. He'll
support us with additional information about free software
backgrounds (sorry, i didn't have the time lately, to read all the
mails) and will provide content in 'Tamil' - "a truly global diaspora with
a growing interest in FS". Daniel pays attention to him, because he has
the most knowledge about the gimp-help-2 project.

Hopefully, i've some more time over new year's eve to write german
content and stay in sync with Raymond and Julien. I'm looking forward to
have a meeting with the Gimpers in Berlin on the 20C3 and a good manual
for the Gimp 2. I hope i didn't missed something ...

Roman Joost

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