Am Mit, den 10.12.2003 schrieb Roman Joost um 22:55:

> With Raymonds help i'm now be able to build the help with UTF-8 encoded
> XML files, which are "xincluded" in the gimp.xml file.

Cool. Incidently I've also been working on this and my Mac really has
troubles when trying to compile such files with xsltproc; it will slowly
suck up all memory and finally explode. Was this your problem, too? How
did you solve it?

> The manual itself looks promising. We got some additional writing power
> for the english content. Daryl Lee takes care about the english content
> and Niklas can produce (or better: is producing) swedish content. We,
> Niklas and i, ran into bit trouble lately, when we tried to produce
> the manual with some swedish content. It seems, that docbook doesn't
> have any swedish support?!

DocBook doesn't need to. :) But I verified that the stylesheets do have
Swedish translations so there shouldn't be any problems. The language
code is 'sv' for Svenska.


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