Sorry for replying a bit late, but i didn't looked in my gimp mailinglist
folder ...

On Thu, Dec 11, 2003 at 08:08:55AM +0100, Daniel Egger wrote:
> Am Mit, den 10.12.2003 schrieb Roman Joost um 22:55:
> > With Raymonds help i'm now be able to build the help with UTF-8 encoded
> > XML files, which are "xincluded" in the gimp.xml file.
> Cool. Incidently I've also been working on this and my Mac really has
> troubles when trying to compile such files with xsltproc; it will slowly
> suck up all memory and finally explode. Was this your problem, too? How
> did you solve it?
Hm.. i didn't had any memory problems with XInclude. If the encoding was
wrong, the xsltproc throw an error and nothing more ...

> > The manual itself looks promising. We got some additional writing power
> > for the english content. Daryl Lee takes care about the english content
> > and Niklas can produce (or better: is producing) swedish content. We,
> > Niklas and i, ran into bit trouble lately, when we tried to produce
> > the manual with some swedish content. It seems, that docbook doesn't
> > have any swedish support?!
> DocBook doesn't need to. :) But I verified that the stylesheets do have
> Swedish translations so there shouldn't be any problems. The language
> code is 'sv' for Svenska.
This is "fixed" :)

Thanks and greetings,
Roman Joost

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