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> But given the scope of libgimp, where we can draw selections, cut,
> paste from image without using Toolbox ( by calling functions with
> prividing drawable id ), I do not understand, why I cannot have
> image created and displayed without GIMP running.

You misunderstood what libgimp is actually doing. libgimp consists of
two parts. First, it implements the plug-in side of the wire protocol
that is used to communicate between GIMP and its plug-ins. The
communication goes over shared memory and/or pipes and is limited to a
certain set of procedures that are registered in the Procedural
Database (PDB). The second part of libgimp is a set of wrappers that
allow to use the PDB from the C programming language. As you may have
noticed already, there isn't any image manipulation functionality in
libgimp. It only provides a way to call such functions in the GIMP

What you are suggesting is a major redesign and it will not happen the
way you proposed it here. But what we are planning to do is to provide
a sophisticated image manipulation library called GEGL. GIMP will use
this library internally and it will be designed to be useful for other
apps as well. This will allow you to link your application against the
same powerful image manipulation library that The GIMP is using.

I don't think we want to attempt to export any user interface
functionality such as the image window to other applications. This is
simply too GIMP-specify to be sanely reused from other apps.

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